Nutrition Bags, IV Pumps, Surgical Coagulants, Infusion Devices, Dialysis Machines, etc.

User visits across Europe meeting doctors, nurses, pharmacists, patients to understand our customers


Short-term Goal: Design a better syringe with larger grip

Based off of studying surgeons, we wanted to create less strenuous ways of applying coagulants

Give Baxter a better theater presence, properly protecting syringes during shipment

Essential instructions on packaging, large opening for ease of removal

A clean translucent bag that conveys healing rather than medication with simple touch-points

A calmer way to activate the mixing with softer form 

A dialysis machine that does not disrupt the ambiance of your home, more like furniture

Intuitive touch points with simplified treatment preparation procedures

Slimming down current elastomeric bottle, eliminating expensive parts, simplifying usage

Redesigning bulky components to become essential rather than subtractive

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